VIP Testers Club is a focus group that provides you with up to 100% Cash Back on products you test.
A focus group is a market research method which brings people together to provide feedback regarding a product or service.
VIP Testers Club gives you direct access to exclusive deals of top-selling brands and products you'll love. You purchase an item and after a 30-day approval period (where the Seller confirms your Order ID has not been cancelled/ refunded by you), you get a full payout (manufacturer's rebate) for the items you purchased so they are up to 100 % CASH BACK. After you buy an item you simply paste your order ID into your account's dashboard. The last stage of the process is to TAKE ACTION & SPREAD THE WORD! You have 3 ways to do this: 1) Amazon review 2) Facebook post 3) Instagram post 4) Issue with item - Private message to Seller.
1) Create a VIP Testers Club account. 2) Select an item from the DEALS page and click Buy Product. 3) Read the instructions provided on the next page carefully. 4) Check the box that you have read all instructions and have accepted the Terms and Conditions. 5) A new tab will open that redirects you to the website where you purchase the item. 7) Purchase the item at full price.* 8) Copy the order ID number from your purchase. 7) Go back to the VIP site and paste your order ID number into the text box provided. 9) Click "Confirm Purchase" - this proves to the seller you've bought the product. 10) Wait 30 days to receive your manufacturer’s rebate via PayPal (this is to confirm you have not returned/refunded the order within the 30-day cancellation period). Please note PayPal and Venmo is how we will send you your rebate . A credit or debit card is still needed when purchasing the product. *The use of any additional discount coupons is forbidden and might end up in a declined purchase.
We are available 24/7/365 via email and chat support and will always go the extra mile to make sure you are treated fairly. All the payouts are distributed via an automated system to the paypal account you give us (you can change it anytime).
Payouts are processed 30 days from the day you purchased and claimed the product. Sellers have 30 days to dispute or decline the purchase if you have refunded the item or cancelled the order before it shipped. We hold the funds for 30 days to make sure there are no issues with the order, and after that, we will send you your full payout the same day.
One of our two main rules is to TAKE ACTION.

The goal of VIP Testers Club is to maintain a platform where sellers and buyers help each other: you get up to 100% Cash Back products you'll love and sellers get the buzz they need to launch. We believe in kindness. Therefore, we kindly ask that if you don't like the product you've received, contact the seller directly first (via our messaging platform) and give them a chance to fix the product, you have 4 options to choose from! Be it Amazon, Facebook or Instagram - your voice is important to the seller, so make sure you TAKE ACTION and make your voice heard! NOT TAKING ACTION is against our rules and might lead to the restriction of your account.
No, it’s against the rules to purchase any item more than once.
No, there are no limits! You can claim as many items daily as you want! However, please note that claiming many products at once and then cancelling all of them is against the rules and may lead to the suspension of your tester account. So please claim only products you intend to have and that you don't plan on cancelling.
No. Brands offer their products on VIP Testers Club to real buyers (not resellers) to test for personal use and enjoyment. Other merchants cannot resell someone's else inventory without signing wholesale agreements with brand owners - otherwise they break the law. Shoppers who use VIP Testers Club to acquire products for resale will be immediately blocked from accessing the platform.
We permit multiple accounts per household, but they must be linked to separate and unique Amazon buyer accounts. You cannot, however, create multiple VIP Testers accounts linked to the same Amazon profile/account - this violates our policies.
No. There is no membership fee or any other cost to use VIP Testers Club as a shopper.